Amblyopia Screening Using the Plusoptix Vision Screener

The Plusoptix Vision Screener is an eye scanner for the early detection of vision disorders. Through contactless measurement, even uncooperative children starting from 5 months of age can be scanned. The Plusoptix Smiley and the attention-grabbing warble sounds focus the child's attention to the scan head of the instrument. As soon as the child looks at the smiley the measurement is completed in less than 1 second.

  • Contactless
  • From 5 months of age
  • Takes less than one second
  • Clinically proven measuring accuracy
  • Award-winning child-friendly design
“In summary, it can be stated that the easy use of the Plusoptix Vision Screener and the now proposed criteria for referral complementing the clinical examination represent a milestone in preventive eye care of our children.” kinder.ärzte Schweiz Magazin, February 2016

Thanks to many years of experience in the design and manufacture of eye scanners, our devices deliver particularly reliable and exceptionally accurate readings as well as the highest product quality with the quality seal “Made in Germany”.

To provide parents with an insight in the measurement results, the eye scanners from Plusoptix feature numerous documentation options. Once a scan has been completed, the doctor can display the pages containing the measurement results on a large monitor and discuss these with the parents.

In addition, a DinA4 measurement report is printed for every measurement, which parents can take home. If the result of the scan is “Refer” and the child is referred to an ophthalmologist, the latter can use this measurement report as first point of reference for further examinations.

We attach particular importance to a unique and especially child-friendly product design, for which we have already received two design awards. The unique, patented Plusoptix Smiley is part of this product design and a sign of excellent measuring accuracy.

Reddot Award 2014

„The friendly appearance of this auto refractometer instills trust and encourages children to get involved in the examination in a playful way.”

German Design Award 2017

„A lovely tool that focuses not only on technology and ergonomics in its design, but also the needs of the child being treated.“

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