Amblyopia screening

Early vision screening can save lives!

Poor eyesight due to a vision disorder may have a negative effect on a child’s achievements at school, increase the risk of accidents in traffic and might limit their career choices. But for Brianna, a 7-year old American girl, it was about much more than that! After receiving an abnormal measuring result of the Plusoptix eye measuring instrument (Plusoptix Vision Screener), she had to fight for her life!

When Brianna’s parents received a notification from the Lions Clubs about the abnormal measurement result of their daughter, they did not suspect anything serious. Nevertheless, they followed the recommendation and made an appointment with an ophthalmologist. In the three weeks preceding the ophthalmologist appointment, they realised that their daughter's vision was indeed impaired.

When Brianna was examined by an ophthalmologist, he diagnosed a complete retinal detachment and referred Brianna to a retina specialist. In the 72 hours that followed, things moved very quickly. Brianna was examined multiple times and the parents received the shock diagnosis: Brianna had a tumor in one of her eyes! There was not enough time for a biopsy. The eye had to be removed immediately. One week after the emergency surgery, the dreaded diagnosis was confirmed: The tumor had been malignant. It had been cancer! By removing the eye, however, it was possible to prevent spreading of the cancer.

Today, Brianna has a glass eye. Her parents describe her as a happy and cheerful girl. After this experience, the Lions Club, which had detected the abnormality, immediately purchased an eye scanner from Plusoptix so that they could scan many more children.

Today, Brianna speaks publicly about the enormous significance of early vision screening for children, proving in an impressive manner:

Early vision screening saves lives!

Video: Brianna’s Story – Lions Eyescreening